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rysWe are the premier yoga center in the Orlando area. Unlike other yoga spaces, we offer an environment completely dedicated to the art of yoga.

All of our classes are ongoing meaning anyone can start at anytime!

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June 2016 Quality of the Month - "Balance"

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The Yogamatrix Teacher Training Program offers two Programs, the 200 hrs and the 300 hrs Advanced Teaching Program, both based on Yoga practice, philosophy and ethical lifestyle. These Programs are designed for those who want to become a Certified Yoga teacher or those who seek to deepen their knowledge and personal Yoga practice.

It can be taken independently or as part of the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300HR). It can also be applicable towards 20 hours Yoga Alliance CEU’s.

NEW Lymphatic Headache/Migraine Workshop
Jun 11, 2016 1:30pm-3:30pm
($35 preregistration, $40 day of workshop)
Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Do you get brain fog? Loss of memory? Do you want a simple and natural solution for these debilitating disorders? Come to this Lymphatic Workshop specifically designed to alleviate these overpowering conditions. No Yoga Experience necessary.

300 HR-AYTT Weeklong #1
July 18-22, 2016
Early Bird Registration $695 by June 17 / $750 after June 17
Asana Qualities, The Brain, Yoga Vasishta & Mind, Ethics, Yoga & Sankhya, The Six Systems (Darshanas), Spiritual Aspects, Relaxation Techniques, Lifestyle

Yoga is a discipline over five thousand years old. It comes originally from India and is still around after millennia only because it is the most complete method for physical health, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual development.

Whether you are a beginner, part of a group, or a seasoned practitioner, YOGAMATRIX STUDIO offers the guidance to help you reach your goals, release your daily stress, tone your body, refresh your spirit all in a calm and clean environment.
Please read carefully our class descriptions and schedule and take as many classes as you want. YOGAMATRIX STUDIO now offers more than twenty different yoga classes per week in the Orlando area. In Yoga "an ounce of practice is worth several tons of theory." The benefits of Yoga are cumulative; with practice they increase exponentially.

Our mission is to provide knowledge, clear direction and a compassionate environment for our community to achieve harmony at all levels.

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