Laughter Yoga: "Laughter is the closest distance between two people"

YogaMatrix Studio is proud to offer Laughter Yoga Classes with Dana Albert Kaplan!
Laughter Yoga YTT - weekend training coming November 4-6
Laughter Yoga classes starting September held the 2nd Saturuday every month at 11:30

As Featured In The Orlando Sentinel and CNN

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

What Is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a breakthrough technique that uses a perfect blend of playful, empowering and otherwise "tension-releasing" laughter and breathing exercises.
Humans were designed to laugh. Laughter is nature's stress buster. It lifts our spirits and improves our attitude. Just a few generations ago happy healthy humans spent 20 minutes a day or more in laughter. Now adult daily laugh time is down to 5 minutes or less in many countries.
It is purely a physical method, not a mental practice. As such anybody can do it because there is nothing required and nothing to understand. It does not matter what language you speak, where you come from, how challenged or stressed you may be. All of this information is stored in your brain, which we don’t need here.

What Are The Benefits Of Laughter Yoga?
• Health improvement
• Learn to better manage stress and/or anger issues
• Boost Happiness
• Foster Inner Peace
• Overcome sadness and depression
• Develop self-confidence
• Improve and/or alleviate the discomfort of physical challenges
• Foster feelings of kindness, joy, forgiveness and love

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And Now For A Limited Time... Get Certified and Start Spreading The Joy Of Laughter Yoga!

2-Day Laughter Yoga Certified Training
Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and/or learn how to bring more joy into your life with this 2-day program.
Participants will receive Laughter Yoga training manual, practical techniques, resources and skills as well as handouts and
Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate.
When: TBA
Early Registration: TBA
Full Registration: TBA
Training will be held at YOGAMATRIX

This two-day program allows you to learn the Laughter Yoga path as intended by Dr. Kataria, the physician and founder of Laughter Yoga. The program provides hands-on experience, training in a multitude of exercises, extensive access to teaching resources and history, theory and medical literature review.

You can learn this amazing and most empowering method now.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who would like to add more laughter into their life and/or start a Laughter Club
  • Activity and Recreation Therapists
  • Counselors, Teachers
  • Health Care Staff : Physicians and Nurses
  • HR Professionals
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Senior Centers Staff
  • Social Workers
  • Sad and/or Stressed People

Participants Will Learn
The skills to stimulate laughter without jokes or humor.
How to lead others in stimulating their own laughter.
Health Benefits of laughter
To find your inner child, playfulness
Breathing techniques
De Stress techniques
History of Laughter Yoga

Participants Will Receive

  • Laughter Yoga training manual
  • Practical techniques, resources and skills
  • An assortment of useful handouts
  • Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate--good for life!