A testimonial from Jessica Semidey Ruiz:

Good morning my fellow yogis. I wanted to take the time to thank Yogamatrix. I finished my first week's yoga teacher training and I have one word to say REFRESHED!!!. Before starting this training I felt confused, stressed, lost. One the first day, I met Edely. Who by the way warned us big changes were coming within the week. I thought to myself umm that isn't possible. How can one do that within a week. Needless to say that morning I started out looking pretty pale. By the time the first day was over, my yogi class mate told me I was glowing. I felt amazing!!! Second day, through the relaxation I felt I wanted to scream and cry. Everything was just peeling away slowly. I got into my car and the music was no longer music (well at least what I was attempting to listen to) it was noise. I drove the entire time in silence and with a big smile in my face. On my third day, I already knew this is for me, I want to heal others through yoga. This is healing me and I am loving every minute of it. On my fourth day, I just continued to smile and love everyone around me. Opened up so much about myself to everyone. LOVE LOVE LOVE was the only thing I could think of. On my fifth day, I sat there and really looked at everyone, thought to myself They are going to be my friends for life. I love you Edely and I am going to continue my Journey. You will be my teacher, my guidance on this journey. I truly believe I was placed at Yogamatrix studio because it's exactly where I belong.