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Lymphatic Yoga

Lymphatic Yoga® is a method designed to move the Lymphatic System. It works with the body to renew and restore our entire organism and create optimal health

Lymphatic Yoga® does the job that the heart does not do

Lymphatic Yoga® is a method designed to move the Lymphatic System. It works with the body to renew and restore our entire organism. The body is mainly water and the Lymphatic System is our body’s fundamental water supply.

Unfortunately, the heart does not pump this powerful fluid. So, without our intervention, the lymph fluid will get more sluggish every day, every month, every year and will trigger pain and diseases.

When the Lymphatic fluid is sluggish, diseases find ideal conditions to develop. On the other hand, when it is flowing freely, the lymph fluid cleanses, protects, restores, and nourishes the cellular structure of the whole body. The function of the Lymphatic System is so vital to the body that it’s condition can be considered as the mirror of our health.

The lymphatic system does not have an automatic biological pump. The two major pumps of the lymphatic system are:

  1. Deep breathing and

  2. Muscle motion.

Lymphatic Yoga® uses both to target the intricacies, anomalies, and needs of the Lymphatic System. Lymphatic Yoga® triggers optimal health, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. By keeping the lymph fluid flowing steadily, body stiffness, poor circulation and disease can be prevented and dissolved. A free flowing lymph can also help the body absorb fat and you get leaner effortlessly.

Lymphatic Yoga®  holds the key to sound health, clear mind, and increased spiritual awareness. Lymphatic Yoga® regulates the flow of the powerful lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system has a unique influence on all other body functions, proper Lymphatic system functioning ultimately holds the secret to life and health. Lymphatic Yoga® powerfully unlocks this secret.

An accomplished teacher in asanas, yoga-nidra (deeper relaxation) and pranayama techniques, Edely Wallace designed and teaches the unique approach, Lymphatic Yoga®. Over twenty years, Edely has been studying lymph therapy and combining Yoga and Lymphatic drainage only in her own yoga practice and now has released her findings to share these results with others.

Edely is also certified as a Lymph Therapist by both:

  • the renowned medical “Foldi Clinic” (CDT) in Hinterzarten, Germany (2011), under Dr. Etelka Foldi and

  • the traditional “Vodder School” (MLD) method in Walchsee, Austria (2012), under Hildegard Wittlinger.

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200 HR Registered Yoga Teachers can earn a Lymphatic Yoga® Teacher certificate by completing our three part training program and demonstration of knowledge of Lymphatic Yoga® through submission of written material and video.

LY1 - Lymphatic Yoga® Fundamentals — 3-day course

LY2 - Lymphatic Yoga® and the Source of Life — 5-day course

LY3 - Lymphatic Yoga® and Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science Reconciled— 5-day course

Once all requirements are met, teachers will receive a Level I certificate renewable every two years.   



Lymphatic Yoga® Workshops

2019 Dates     


LY3 - Lymphatic Yoga® Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science Reconciled
5 day course San Pedro Center in Winter Park, FL   

OctobER 28 - NOV 1, 2019


LY1 - Lymphatic Yoga® Fundamentals - 2 1/2 day course IN ORLANDO, FL 


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