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Lymphatic Yoga: Book I - "The Aquarium Within" (Volume 1) 

Edely Wallace, Yoga master, has been researching the Lymphatic System for over 20 years. She is now releasing her findings of many years of intensive study to help people to restore and maintain health. This is the first book of a trilogy about Yoga and the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is a transport system that permeates and affects all other systems and functions of the body. When flowing properly, the Lymphatic System represents the first stage for health. When this system is sluggish, however, diseases appear. Though, neglected in the past for its elusive characteristics, the Lymphatic System holds the key to sound health, clear mind and spiritual awareness. To keep the Lymphatic System flowing properly, Edely combines her vast knowledge of Yoga with the most recent scientific discoveries about the Lymphatic System, creating a new approach for anybody to reach health in a natural effective method - Lymphatic Yoga.

Lymphatic Yoga: Book II is Coming Soon!

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Introduction to Lymphatic Yoga Class (VIDEO)


60-minute full yoga class. It includes guided relaxation at the end.

Lymphatic Yoga® is a ground-breaking way to improve your overall health through a simple set of yoga movements and breathing techniques. It works by pumping the lymphatic fluid which protects and sustains cellular activity in your body.

The internationally recognized Lymphatic Yoga® expert, Yoga Master Edely Wallace guides you through this proven and effective introduction to a Lymphatic Yoga® class.

In this video, you'll learn how to dissolve the inevitable lymph sluggishness and promote efficient lymph fluid flow. You'll naturally gain flexibility and better health. Lymphatic Yoga® reduces joint and muscle pain, reverses the wear and tear of time, boosts your immune system, allows you to get leaner and it optimizes all body functions.

Lymphatic Yoga® does the job that the heart does not do. Our Lymphatic System ultimately holds the secret to life and health and Lymphatic Yoga® powerfully unlocks this secret.

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Lymphatic Yoga Online Studio Membership

We are so excited to announce our new virtual yoga studio. You can access our yoga classes from any device at your own convenience. You will have access to live and recorded yoga classes, new articles about Lymphatic Yoga®, online workshops, and much more.

Visit now to purchase the new Introduction to Lymphatic Yoga® video and enjoy a few free videos as well.

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